Manicure Deluxe

The hands are our calling card

Do you have any idea how often we look at the hands of our counterparts? This applies to both women and men. Grief marks, inflamed nail beds, torn cuticles and dry skin do not look very appealing. But a lot can be done about this with targeted care and your hands become real eye-catchers that you don’t need to be ashamed of. Take a little break and treat yourself to a care program tailored to your personal needs.

The name is program! The all-round feel-good offer for your hands!

Manicure Deluxe includes:

Disinfect your hands, cut your nails to the length you want and file them into shape, clean your nails and nail fold, remove cuticles. Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. Hand mask is well absorbed into the skin and optimally unfolds its nourishing effect, hands are massaged with a nourishing and moisturizing hand cream.

On request, the nails will be varnished or polished.

CHF 105/80 minutes