Brow Lifting

Perfect eyebrows

Brow lifting ensures the perfect hold of the eyebrows.

With brow lifting, also called eyebrow lamination, eyebrow lamination, eyebrow lifting, the hairs are strengthened so that they can stay in the desired shape for several weeks. There is also a brow design, individually tailored to your face.

The brows look fuller and cheat on width. In addition, they look completely natural.
What to consider 24 hours after the treatment:

– no sauna & solarium visit
– no water & steam on your face
– Avoid oily cream
– Avoid rubbing and pulling

augenbrauenlifting (1)

Things to consider before treatment:

– Do not trim/cut eyebrows
– trim instead of plucking – this way the hair root is not injured
– Do not dye your eyebrows at least 2 weeks before the brow lift

If everything is taken care of, the brow lift lasts about 3-5 weeks. After that, the hairs fall back into their original shape.

Brow lifting + design CHF 130.–
Brow lifting + design + tint CHF 150.-