Dye Eyebrows or Eyelashes

Dying eyebrows / eyelashes should definitely be left to the professionals in a beauty salon for men and women, because here the experience in dealing with color types and special preparations comes together with the knowledge of current tastes and the skill of the experienced beautician.

length of time

When dyeing, the durability of the color depends on the hair structure of the eyebrows / eyelashes, it usually lasts about three to five weeks.


. pure black

. blue-black

. dark brown

. light brown

. maroon

Thus, as with eyebrow / eyelash tinting, you can achieve your desired color target and achieve a completely natural but effective emphasis on the eyebrows or eyelashes. Coloring is particularly suitable for holidays, if you want to look beautiful despite not using eyebrow pencils and mascara.


CHF 30/approx. 20-30 minutes