Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

Moisture for Healthy Skin

The skin feels tight and dry.
Dry lines become visible.
A widespread skin condition.

The cause: lack of moisture. Water continuously evaporates from the surface of the skin – a normal process. However, if this transepidermal water loss is greater than the moisture supplied, the balance is disturbed. Environmental influences such as sun, heating air, air conditioning, but also age-related factors can increase this imbalance. The skin begins to stretch. Promote moisturizing of your skin in a natural way. Active ingredients from the sea restore the moisture balance in the skin and improve the skin’s resistance. Your skin will be fresher and clearer.


This treatment stabilizes the skin’s moisture balance, tightens and firms the skin structure, intensively moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. All people with extremely dry skin particularly benefit from this benefit!

Our intensive moisturizing treatment consists of:
Skin analysis
Special scrub
Gentle cleansing
Invigorating massage
Active ingredient concentrate (Organic Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C and E)
Fleece mask or peel-of mask
Final care

For a long-term effect, a Vital C care for at home with preparations tailored to your skin is expedient!

Our eSenCia team will be happy to advise you and take reservations.

CHF 175/80 minutes