PRP Autologous Therapy Face (Plasma)

Wrinkle treatment with platelet rich Plasma (PRP)

Plasma that is rich in blood platelets – called PRP for short – is plasma isolated from the patient’s own blood that is very rich in thormocytes and therefore also in growth factors. For this reason, this treatment is also often referred to as stem cell therapy. After the injection, the growth factors contained give an impulse to the local cells, such as fibroblasts or skin cells, to divide and renew. A biological refreshment and repair, restoration and stimulation takes place. If you have fine wrinkles or dark circles under your eyes. But also for pigment spots and scars, sagging, tired and sun-damaged skin. Even with hair loss. Whether women or men. And of course plasma lifting is the right method for you if you want to have younger and fresher skin quickly.

This absolutely natural form of therapy is one of the most modern and safest treatments in aesthetic medicine. Wrinkle treatment using autologous blood therapy is very low-risk, as no allergic reactions or intolerances can occur. Only their own blood product is used, your personal elixir of beauty, so to speak.

How does the autologous blood therapy work?

The therapist first draws a small amount of blood. The blood is then centrifuged in a patented tube system – this is where the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is isolated. This happens purely physically, without any additives. The PRP is then injected back into the skin. We offer pain-sensitive patients a large-area skin anesthetic.

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