Tightening and regeneration of the skin without surgical intervention

The thread lift is the key to turning back the wheel of time. It’s a minimally invasive technique with a short recovery time that will make you look years younger without having to undergo a major surgery or worry about visible scars. During the aging process, the skin naturally loses its elasticity, which can result in sagging eyelids, sagging cheeks or sagging upper arms. A thread lift now offers a gentle, long-lasting and minimally invasive anti-aging treatment that can help to achieve more youthful, firmer and more well-formed contours. The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and the threads are completely absorbed by the tissue after a certain time. A new placement of additional threads is possible at any time.

The advantages of this minimally invasive lifting method

• The procedure is performed under local anesthesia
• Fast healing
• Fast treatment time
• No risk of ignition
• Results are immediately visible
• No scars remain (ideal for the face and neck area)
• Very long-lasting effect that can be repeated

Areas of application

• Forehead
• Eyebrows
• Cheeks
• Chin bow
• Throat
• Cleavage
• Inside of arms
• Hands
• Knee
• Inner thighs
• Buttocks
• Stomach

What needs to be considered?

If you have taken blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, Marcoumar, vitamin E, Ginko preparations, Plavix, painkillers or certain vitamins in the week before treatment, there is an increased risk of bruising (hematoma). If antibiotics containing aminoglycosis are taken, the treatment should only be carried out after the drug has been discontinued. If you occasionally suffer from fever blisters, the procedure can trigger a renewed flare-up in the area.

The treatment must not be carried out during pregnancy and lactation. Nicotine counteracts wound healing: You should therefore stop smoking two weeks before the thread lift and for a few days afterwards, or reduce it to a minimum.

Face CHF 1,300 / treatment
Neck CHF 1,500 / treatment
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