PRP Autologous Therapy Hair (Plasma)

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
Treatment is one of the latest innovations against hair loss. A special substance from the patient’s own blood – the so-called platelet-rich plasma – is used here. This extract accelerates the body’s own self-healing processes in a natural way and thus stimulates the formation and regeneration of cells. Injections of PRP directly into the scalp stimulate the microcirculation as well as the stem cells in the hair roots. Result: Hair loss is slowed down while hair growth is supported at the same time. Many men and women experience hair loss and/or thinning hair as they age.

This absolutely natural form of therapy is one of the most modern and safest treatments in aesthetic medicine. Wrinkle treatment using autologous blood therapy is very low-risk, as no allergic reactions or intolerances can occur. Only their own blood product is used, your personal elixir of beauty, so to speak.

This is how treatment with PRP works against hair loss:

• Cells for blood vessel formation are stimulated
• Growth factors are released
• Damaged hair root cells are repaired, new hair root cells are stimulated blood vessel-forming cells are activated Thanks to better blood circulation and an optimal supply of nutrients, hair loss can be stopped after just one treatment and the formation of new hair follicles stimulated. The PRP treatment is absolutely natural and highly effective: Since PRP is an endogenous product, there is no risk of an allergic reaction or intolerance. We recommend three sessions at intervals of 1-2 months in the first year, after that one session every 6-12 months is sufficient for maintenance purposes.

Implementation of the PRP against hair loss

At least three (better 7 days) before the PRP therapy, you should not take aspirin, ASA, Voltaren, ibuprofen or similar painkillers and rheumatism drugs (NSAID), as this will inhibit the blood platelets. This information is a good test of the treating physician’s expertise. If he doesn’t point this out to you, you should have someone else do the treatment because that treatment would be less effective. Before therapy with PRP, blood is taken and processed using a special procedure. We separate the red blood cells from the blood plasma. Then, as in mesotherapy, PRP can be injected into the scalp directly at the hair root, either in its pure form or mixed with medication using the finest needles. The treatment takes about 45 minutes.

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