Ellansé – a filler to stimulate collagen production

A new type of product counteracts this age-related collagen deficiency – the volume filler Ellansé. Injected under the skin of our patients, Ellansé unfolds its dual effect: Immediately after the treatment, you get a noticeably softer and fuller complexion. The reason is the optimally adjusted elasticity of the contained gel. But the real special feature of wrinkle injections with this filler is its lasting effect: a clinically tested biostimulator stimulates collagen production in the skin. The patient feels the full effect after 4 months. The end result is naturally beautiful, fresh skin – and a youthful appearance that lasts for several years, depending on the type of treatment

Where do we apply the filler Ellansé​

• in the correction of fine, medium and deep wrinkles,
• for volume filling, contouring and shaping in the areas of the face, neck, décolleté and hands,
• when filling hollow cheeks,
• to tighten sagging, wrinkled skin
• Volume augmentation – e.g. cheeks, chin
• Scars on the face and body
• deep acne scars

Low risks when using Ellansé:

• ​Ellanse is injected subdermally in a minimally invasive procedure
• The filler has been clinically and pre-clinically tested, has a high safety standard and optimal biocompatibility.
• The ingredients are 100% bioresorbable – all components are hydrolytically and enzymatically broken down or excreted.​

Why Ellase?

​You can enjoy the long-lasting effects without having to repeat the treatment every 6 to 9 months. In addition to use on the face, Ellansé now offers another treatment option specifically for the hands. Ellansé Hands was specially developed to compensate for age-related changes in the hands and to improve the appearance of the hands, so that not only your face but also your hands look youthfully fresh.

Is a skin test required before using Ellansé?

No. Ellansé is completely bio-technologically manufactured and can therefore be used immediately without prior testing.

CHF 1,200 / treatment
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