Radio Frequency

Facelift and Skin Tightening

If the skin loses its elasticity – then there is now a non-surgical solution! The modern devices for radio frequency and highly focused ultrasound therapy make it possible to turn back the “time” of skin aging a little with gentle, non-invasive methods. After repeated applications, the skin becomes firmer and smoother again and non-surgical skin tightening and thus a younger, fresher appearance can be achieved. Radio frequency is a new and very promising alternative to non-invasive skin tightening. The results are partially comparable to surgical interventions. During the treatment, the layer of the deep dermis is heated to at least 48°C.

Ultra-short heating to 60°C further improves the result. Two processes of rejuvenation are achieved:

1. The heat causes the collagen to contract, which is commonly referred to as «shrinking». This effect is visible immediately after the therapy.

2. Microscars are placed in the fibroblast layer in a controlled manner. This stimulates the fibroblasts to form new collagen. This collagen neogenesis can then progress and show improvements for up to several months after therapy. Both processes lead to a tightening and rejuvenation of the skin and should last for several months to a few years depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Radio frequency therapy uses the physical property of radio waves to release energy and therefore heat at the point of greatest resistance.

As a result, the upper layer of skin is not injured, as is the case with laser treatments, for example. The highest resistance on the skin for radio waves is optimally the deep dermis with the border to the subcutaneous fat layer and thus exactly the layer that you want to treat for skin tightening. After the treatment, there is an immediate effect through contraction of the elastin. This effect dominates for about 36-72 hours. After around 7-10 days, collagen starts to form again and the tissue continues to tighten for months.

There should be 4-5 treatments at intervals of 1 week. The full effect develops over a few months after treatment and then lasts between one and three years, varying from the initial findings. As with almost all aesthetic applications, the effect slowly disappears. However, further treatments can be carried out at any time as desired. The best results are achieved on the face, neck and lower eyelid. These areas can usually only be treated with insufficient success with other therapies. The treatment is also ideal for tightening overhanging cheeks. The therapy can also be used on other areas of the body, such as the stomach, slack upper arms or legs.

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Treatment Face
CHF 150.00 instead of CHF 290.00
Subscription with 4 treatments CHF 560.-
Subscription with 6 treatments CHF 780.-

Treatment Body
CHF 190.00 instead of CHF 390.00
Subscription with 4 treatments CHF 720.-
Subscription with 6 treatments CHF 990.-