Eyebrows with Hair Drawing

Technique through Permanent Make-up

The eyebrows give every face that certain something. We revive your face with professional and natural Permanent Make-up and help you to make your everyday life much easier.
With Permanent Make-up, eyebrows can be completely redesigned, missing hair growth or gaps caused by a scar or incorrect plucking regain their natural appearance by drawing the finest hair.

Too thin unfavorable eyebrows are permanently corrected. The individual hairs are finely drawn and subtly filled in. The finest lines do not show that missing hairs have been traced. We would be happy to sketch out the ideal shape for you and thereby emphasize your characteristic facial features.

Permanent Make-up lasts between one and two years. The treatment ultimately takes about one to two hours, depending on the type and extent. So that you can enjoy your Permanent Make-up for a long time, you should follow a few important care tips after pigmentation. During the first week after the procedure, you should avoid sports, sauna, solarium and swimming pool visits as well as direct sunlight.

In most cases we get by with two sessions. However, it can happen that the PMU is very light and therefore further treatments are necessary. It is important that the PMU is still visible and not completely faded. We only treat Permanent Make-up treatments and corrections that were not carried out by us by prior arrangement.

Important NOTE! For a Permanent Make-up treatment of the brows, the remaining brow hairs are never shaved off at eSenCia! At most, individual eyebrow hairs that are outside of the desired shape are plucked after precise consultation with the customer.

Follow-up treatments are possible from the 3rd week up to 3 months
If you do not contact us within the next 3 months, we will consider the work accepted.

Brows including 1st follow-up treatment CHF 800.–
Jade additional follow-up treatment CHF 200.–
Consultation for free
We grant a 10% discount for two or more combined treatments