Lip Augmentation with PMU

Lip Augmentation with Plastic Shading using Permanent Make-up

Since only a few women and men are naturally blessed with a pout, lip augmentation is very popular. With a wide variety of shading techniques and a variety of color nuances, we achieve an optimal correction of shape, color and volume. The result: completely natural and beautiful lips. Older women in particular want their lips to appear fuller and more plastic again. Lip wrinkles are optically minimized and your lips noticeably smoothed, but the lip modeling developed by eSenCia is also suitable for balancing out asymmetrical lip shapes. Here, a lip contour is drawn first, with which we can compensate for an asymmetrical lip shape. Subsequent plastic shading allows us to achieve a very natural-looking transition between the color of the new outer contour and the color of your own lips.

The Perfect Lip

The completion of the perfect lip is the combination of lip contour, shading and, if necessary, the lip light. The lips are the expression of sensuality. You can achieve this through shape and color!

Depending on the intensity and skin type, Permanent Make-up lasts between two and four years. The treatment ultimately takes about one to two hours, depending on the type and extent. So that you can enjoy your Permanent Make-up for a long time, you should follow a few important tips after pigmentation. During the first week after the procedure, you should avoid going to the sauna, solarium, swimming pool or direct sunlight. In most cases we get by with two sessions. However, it can happen that the PMU is very light and therefore further treatments are necessary. It is important that the PMU is still visible and not completely faded. We only treat permanent make-up treatments and corrections that were not carried out by us by prior arrangement.

Follow-up treatments are possible from the 3rd week up to 3 months
If you do not contact us within the next 3 months, we will consider the work accepted.


Lip augmentation including 2nd follow-up treatment CHF 1,700
Each additional follow-up treatment CHF 250.–
Consultation for free
We grant a 10% discount for two or more combined treatments