Liplight with Permanent Make-up

Narrow upper lips or a running lip contour can be helped with the help of Permanent Make-up. Here is drawn in the heart area of the upper lip. The shape of the lips becomes more plastic with a lip light drawing. If desired, the heart can also be extended to the side. For this purpose, skin tones (camouflage pigments) are used, which correspond exactly to your type.

With the Liplight, the lips look even more natural, especially with upper lip augmentations. Liplight makes an optical enlargement.

This method can also be used to perfectly correct the appearance of sagging corners of the mouth or uneven lips.

Liplight blends naturally into your lips so it doesn’t look like make-up and is also suitable for men.

Per treatment CHF 350.–
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We grant a 10% discount for two or more combined treatments